Video from CHAP ONE: The Orchard Street Shul

for a full size version of the video, with links to music credits, click here
Historical narratives have a long tradition in visual art, literature, and film. The narratives serve to stir the imagination of both the author and the audience and in the best examples, the works hold to the rigor of historical accuracy. The Cultural Heritage Artists Project is in this tradition, building on the past while using the resources of inventive new technology and social networking to form a community of creative visual thinkers, designers and researchers focusing on different facets of how we document, interpret, and retell cultural legacies.

The Cultural Heritage Project brings together diverse regionally and nationally noted professionals interested in working with a trans-disciplinary methodology,creating new work inspired by community, neighborhood, history, architecture, and cultural tradition.

We are committed to new models of interdisciplinary exchange, in which artists take a leading role in developing interpretative works in their own visual vocabularies, based on research, historical data, context, direct experience. We welcome collaborations with colleagues in the humanities and sciences.