Guidelines for other Future Projects

One of the positive outcomes of our first project is an ongoing dialogue among artists on the conceptual inspirations derived from interaction with a historic building, as a symbol of a community. We hope that this will be a prototype for similar projects engaging other historic sites of meaning with the potential to enrich our collective community and memory.

Cultural heritage is fluid concept, and our first project based on the historic Orchard Street Shul in New Haven successfully expanded notions of what cultural heritage means for creative artists from all cultural backgrounds.

We are interested in maintaining an open dialogue in future projects. Please contact us directly with ideas for future projects so that we may brainstorm together.

Our guidelines are available on request. Key elements include:

We are interested in what Cultural Heritage means in a wide variety of situations. The focus of our first project on a historic synagogue is not intended to be taken as a limiting parameter for future projects. Multiple legacies of urban renewal, economic upheaval, immigration and migration, and other factors all present rich areas for community oriented projects.

Expanding the Orchard Street Shul project
The Cultural Heritage Artists Project is also interested in expandng our original project on the Orchard Street Shul and on Silent Witnesses. Please contact us if you are interested in helping with: